Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Welcome to and Webmaster's Blog

As you can see, I've established a blog to go along with my two web sites and This blog will not only deal with American Express and Ameriprise Financial Advisors but it will also deal with topics not relating to American Express or Ameriprise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know: My wife is really ill and may die soon. My friend may buy her business and leave me 200,000. Is this taxable?

Thank you. She works with her.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you purchased AX funds 1999 - 2004, and they can find your current address, you will be receiving a form from Garden City Group. Open it, fill it out and send it in. It is good news, you may receive some compensation.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

American Express has done it again. I paid my bill for October on the 2nd, thinking that the payment would be applied to my October bill. Foolish me! My billing cycle ended on October 3rd (like I keep track of that) and American express applied to the September bill not the October bill. Thinking I was in fine shape, I didn't make another payment in October. They not only charged me $35 for missing a payment in November, they raised my interest rate from 12.99% to 21.34%. I called customer service and they did waive my late fee after much consternation. They also agreed to lower my interest rate back to 12.99%. What makes me angry is that they earned double interest on my October balance which ended up costing me about $90 in the end. If I didn't have so many outstanding medical bills, I'd pay this card off and dump them tomorrow.

American Express is the worst of all credit card companies and we, the consumers, need to stop doing business with them. I will as soon as I am financially able to get rid of this card!

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

American Express Business Travel service actually sales information about their business account. I am small travel agent in Mexico and was able to buy some of the info for their corporate clients from Hamilton office workers. They don't sux.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just spent 63 minutes on the phone with American Express (most of the time on hold) trying to get someone to explain why 1) they lowered my credit limit and 2) why they raised my interest rate by 3%.

1) I was told that my credit limit was being decreased because I wasn't making large enough payments. For the past five months, my minimum payments totaled $829 while my payments totaled $1200. The customer service rep I spoke with, Kimone, informed me that the amount I paid was not enough to prevent my credit limit from being lowered. When I asked how much was enough to keep it from being decreased, she told me she didn't know but that "the customer is supposed to know to pay more." I fail to see the logic.

After having the second customer service rep Darnell keep me on hold for over 30 minutes in order to verify that Ameican Express was raising my interest rate, he then transferred me to the third rep, Shanaine who when asked why my interest rate was being raised replied "it's hard to say." World class customer service!

I must say I have been a American Express card holder for over 6 years and have NEVER had one problem. It's sad that they have decided to make the "little guy" pay for other's financial mistakes. I plan on taking out a personal loan and paying off this account (the same as I did with Discover - at a much lower interest rate).

3:55 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

well i guess i am in the right place, i have been an amex Platinum card holder for over 12 years in addition to holding 4 other amex cards for 4 other companies i own. within recent weeks amex has systematically reduced my credit lines on all 4 of my other business cards and then this morning on my Platinum card they put a " temporary" credit line on this.On some of the cards they even dropped the credit line below my balances thus causing a real credit problem. When i contacted them all they had to say was that it was based on Experian credit reporting of deliquincies and inqiuries, after i pulled my report 3 days later i found none of what they are declaring as the reasons and nobody at Amex will talk to me about this. Is there anyone out there who knows what can be done?

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a gold card member since limits no problems...then in september of 2008 not only they put a limit(small according to the average purchases)but could not explain why they did this but yesterday after they bill me for the renewal annual fee I decided I was going to dump them...after 45 minutes on the phone with 4 different reps they took my money and it took me an extra 38 minutes to get the credit of the fees for the unused portion of "the membership"...EVERYONE SHOULD STOP DOING BUSS WITH THIS COMPANY. To make things worse now they outsource their CUSTOMER NO SERVICE TO INDIA AND THE OPERATORS CAN HARDLY SPEAK ENGLISH!!! let alone make ANY decisions!!!

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had a 1998 case showing a MN suit of Thoresen vs. AEFC over sales of Variable Universal Life policies to persons to put into their IRA's. What was the result of that suit - who won? I was sold a VUL in 1995, but wasn't with IRA $, but I still would like to know.

In May 1996, our AMX agent sold me a Flex Annuity for my IRA (another needless and possibly illegal sales technique) to "protect retirement funds". I put $31000+ into that ($62,000 Death Benefit)and today it is worth under $1000 and AEFC has been deducting up to $6000/yr. in "insurance costs". I do not want to put any more $ in only to lose those also, but otherwise I may be in default of the terms. Any comments?

John B. McKernan

1:56 PM  
Blogger mack said...

This is a great post Dmitry. I just had one of the ‘Doh!’ moments and ran back to correct my own site before publishing my comment. You see my own comment form did not match what I’m about to advise. I get less comments than you, so never noticed any problem. I’ve changed it now anyway so here goes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have got to be kidding me. I took one-half hour of my time to read the various post to this site...what a waste of my time

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger sandrabullock said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am currently (until I find somewhere else to go or get fired) an employee of Amex (not going to say what business division or location). Let me tell you how much they suck. If you are not parte of a specific niche in this office you are not going anywhere. Funny how middle mgmnt and upper mgmnt look the other way when computers go missing when supervisors and team leaders leave early or come in late to work for no other reason other than it was cold. Let an agent do this and see what happens..They talk about the "blue box values"; this fictional set of rules and policies that aparently only apply to the peons and not the "band 30 and above" folks. I have personally seen an agent when she was scheduled to work and not on break (because of certain duties with a temporary assignment I had, I had to make sure everyone who was supposed to be in was in ) out and about in the parking lot smoking pot. I ofcourse notify her leader of this fact and he dismissed it. Not even 2 days later I was in the parking lot I saw her getting out of a pickup truck with her supervisor and he grabs her ass and they kiss. Example 1...Example 2, 4 PCs go missing and the few people that have access to server room where the CCTV displays and recording are at said there was no recording of the crime. No one calls the cops and the issue dissappears...example 3 of more BS they transfer 90% of the jobs of an essential department of our work group to an outsourced company in india. Average YEARLY salary of those individuals $2500USD the amount of errors related to that department in the last 3 quarters have increased 10 fold. The pay out due to these errors has been considerable. However when you pay someone 2500USD as opposed to the u.s agent and what they made (avg $30K/yr) they just pay from all the salary they recouped. They don't care about service not in the slightest. We have lost accounts because of this but they have 100s still so they dont care. Example 4; in the past 2 months 3 people have been promoted with no experience at their respective positions, 2 of those 3 people have relationships with people in management and the other we're still scratching our heads about that. There is so much bunk that happens here..customers have no idea..none...

4:47 AM  
Blogger acky63 said...

not sure where to post this but this blog seems as good a place as any.

just got a call from AMEX fraud detection unit that $500 was charged to a closed AMEX account in Canada. i told them this is fraud and that the only way that this could have happened is if someone hacked into their computers and got my account name and no. and made a new card to use in CAN. whatever, they said. stupid.

9:08 AM  

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