Sunday, December 25, 2005 succumbs to the pressure

In my last posting, I noted that KB Homes had filed a second arbitration claim against I checked the Arbitration Forum web site for the decision and I noticed that the arbitration proceedings had been withdrawn. I then checked and the domain resolves to a blank page. Putting two and two together, I figure KB Homes bought out the gripe site. The person who started the site probably figured it would be easier to settle then face a long drawn out legal battle. In the end, buying out the web site was probably cheaper for KB Homes as well. You figure KB Homes had a few options: 1) Let the site continue to operate, 2) Sue the web site, or 3) Buy the site out. In the end, by chosing number 3, KB Homes probably chose the least expensive option. KBHomesucks was a great web site and I see why Forbes rated it number one.


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