Monday, February 18, 2008

Best Buy loses a laptop now they face a $54 Million lawsuit

Raelyn Campbell purchases a laptop at Best Buy and she also purchases the extended warranty. After the power button on the laptop breaks, she takes the laptop in for repair under the extended warranty. The repair should have taken 4-6 weeks. After the 6 weeks had passed, she calls to see when she'll be getting her fixed laptop. This is where the run around begins. She gets repeatedly lied to saying the part is on order and should be repaired soon. After many calls, Best Buy finally admits that the laptop is lost then they proceed to low ball her on compensation. After more frustration, she finally sues Best Buy pro se for 54 Million dollars. Good for her. When these companies play hardball, you must play hardball back.


Blogger fayefrancy said...

AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT CARD? TEAR IT UP. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR COMMERCIALS. I cancelled an order in India within 24 hours, called and notified AmEx. Then I got the charge amount as $10K instead of the $1K. AmEx put the matter into dispute for months-nearly 18 months. I notified AmEx that this was an attempt to defraud, that I did not have the goods that were to be delivered in 4-6 weeks. They were not. And now AmEx has sued me for $10K!

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